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Veeda Ahmed

Dr Veeda Ahmed: a London based professional artist, researcher, and educator. She holds an MFA (Gold Medal) from the University of Punjab, Pakistan (1974), studied at the Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford (1977), UK. In 2013 she completed her PhD from the Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts, London.

Ahmed studied under renowned miniature and icon painters, illumination masters, Japanese paper makers and skilled geometers. Her forms move freely without boundaries as she tries to stretch and pull from all these knowledge pools to create a way of painting that blurs the lines between the traditional, representational, and contemporary. She incorporates the painstaking process of making her own pigments to use in her work.

Ahmed’s gaze has always tended upwards towards the heavens. Birds, angels, the tree of life, 365 moons, branches and wings reaching upwards, have featured in previous works. In her paintings she tries to draw together all the threads of learning to weave a dialogue with traditional miniature painting, illumination, sacred geometry, and Western art.

She has exhibited widely; more recently, two solo exhibitions – Echoes of Contemplation (2017) the Prince’s Foundation, London, and In the Absence of Shadows (2019), Minaretein Gallery, Education City Mosque, Doha, Qatar, in the Discerning Eye Exhibition (2020), London, and is presently (2021) showing 5 paintings at the Making Paradise group exhibition at the Aga Khan Gallery in London. Her painting is in the Petri Dish project, her painting was chosen for the cover of their project book. Her work is held in private and public collections all over the world.