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Thinking of sponsoring the arts? Want to get involved with a local organisation that encourages new and established talent? We would love to welcome you as a Friend of  Chelsea Art Society.

What you get as a friend
  • Invitation to annual Friends’ party (date to be announced)
  • Entry into the annual Prize Draw to win a work of art donated by a member
  • Free catalogue to CAS exhibitions
  • Chance to meet and get to know practising artists
  • Involvement and helping with the annual exhibition week
  • Opportunity to be a Patron of the Arts in Chelsea
  • Friends’ Sketching Day with Members of the Society (dates to be announced)
All for just £20 a year
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Setting up a payment

We have made setting up a Direct Debit payment simple and secure using the web service Go Cardless. You can follow these simple steps to setup your payment:

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1. Click the blue button below

to go to the secure GoCardless Direct Debit page.

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2. Complete your details

Fill out and submit the form (you are not asked for card numbers for direct debit payments).

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3. Receive your confirmation

You will receive a confirmation email. Once the payment is approved we will contact you about your membership.

Further information

The Chelsea Art Society is over 100 years old, and consists of a Membership of around 100 practising painters and sculptors. Although not all of the Members live and work in Chelsea, many have connections with this beautiful part of London, and the Society holds its annual open exhibition at the Chelsea Old Town Hall in Kings Road.

NOTICE:  Though we were forced to cancel our last 2 Summer Open Exhibitions, we are currently booked into Chelsea Old Town Hall from 13th – 20th  June 2022.

The annual exhibition is an extraordinary showcase of artistic talent, for Members and non-members alike, and the range and number of pieces on show is perhaps second only to the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition.

Friends of CAS are invited once a year to the Friends’ Party.  It is an interesting and popular event – and there is the chance to see work in progress by several CAS Members and to enjoy a connection with the art and artists that make the Society what it is. All are welcome to take part.

Friends are invited to the Private View of the Annual Summer Open Exhibition, where they receive free catalogues. They are also invited to participate, in the organisation and stewarding of the exhibition. This is the Society’s busiest moment, and all help is very much welcomed: it is a chance to get involved in an iconic and collaborative event in the heart of Chelsea, which brings together people of all ages and all walks of life.

Friendship of CAS is a way of supporting a local, not-for-profit Arts Organisation which promotes the values of good representational and non-figurative work in Painting, Sculpture and Printmaking as well as helping young artists to get started in their careers. The annual subscription for Friendship is set at £20 as a minimum, but there is nothing to stop Friends paying more should they wish to do so – as a Society we need funds to help ensure that this much-loved and long-standing institution lasts another 100 years in its Chelsea home.


Dates for Friends’ Sketching day

To be announced shortly. Free for all paid up friends. Join as a Friend now and you will have the opportunity to sketch alongside one of our Members.

As stated above, with Friends membership comes automatic entry into our Prize Draw to win a work of art donated by one of our Members. The CAS Friends’ party will be set to take place before the June 2022 exhibition, ( all details to be advised ),  and there the lucky winner will be announced.

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