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Poppy Field

Following a degree in the History of Art at The Courtauld, I was granted scholarships by QEST and The Leverhulme Trust to train in sculpture at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy. I became a “working artist” following the commission of my first life-size sculpture ‘Everything is Now’ in bronze in 2019 and currently look forward to the installation of my first public commission in 2022. 

I presume that my language is figurative because I grew up in a medical household, with anatomical illustrations on the walls, and visits to hospital wards each Sunday. Had I been raised on a farm, I suspect that I would have taken to welding metal just as readily.

My work is undeniably rooted in the figurative traditions of the past because it is hands in wet clay and the body in bronze that feels most like “home” to me. I sculpt from life whenever possible and I am greatly indebted to those who trust me with their likenesses as well as their stories. I have found that capturing that intangible thing, a kind of iconography of moments that someone else might call an essence, or presence, or spirit, requires as much listening as actual modelling of form.