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Javier de la Rosa

Javier de la Rosa was born in Madrid, Spain, in 1984. Ever since he was young, he had felt attracted to drawing and sculpting and all his life, Javier has always felt fascinated by the different cultures around the world and their stories and myths. He was able to continue and cultivate his interest in depth during his degree in Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid. After finishing his degree in 2008, he was awarded with diverse grants and prizes. Thanks to that recognition, he was able to develop different projects at important art foundations in Spanish like the Rodriguez Acosta Foundation in Granada and Antonio Gala Foundation in Cordoba.


The essence of Javier’s work is the union of feeling with life. In his work, he explores the character of nature, both human and animal and how it progresses over time. He investigates ideas that link tradition and technology and the concept of globalisation appears subtly. The evolution and adaptation to the environment are terms that he aims to represent; he likes to imagine how they were, how they are and how they will be in time we have yet to live.


Javier has received diverse awards during his career:

– Acquisition award at the 77 International Exhibition of Fine Arts Valdepeñas, Cuidad Real, 2016

– Tiranti award in the annual exhibition of The Chelsea Art Society, in London, 2018

– First Prize of the 30th Bienal Jacinto Higueras of sculpture, in Jaén, 2018

– First Prize of the Urban Wildlife category, Artist of the year, David Shepherd wildlife Foundation, in London, 2020

Recently he has moved to England where he continues his path of a sculptor in the city of London, to where he has moved his studio and he keeps on researching new forms to express his thoughts in the vocabulary of sculpture.