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Ann Hawksley

I obtained a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design in 1973.

I taught Art in Leeds before becoming a storyboard artist in London. In 1984 I became a full-time portrait painter but have since diversified into other areas of painting whilst still working to commission.

The figure still features strongly in my work and I consider myself an avid people watcher.

I paint in oils and favourite subjects include beaches, station concourses, shopping malls and London streets, particularly in the rain. Aerial views are a fascination too, specially where there are social gatherings like parties…

Inspiration often comes from visits abroad, recently Cuban cars, Sicilian facades, brownstone buildings in Brooklyn and dappled light in the South of France.

Im not only interested in light from bright sunshine but also the dramatic light of theatre and film productions. I have even worked directly from stills on the television.

I often use my own photographs as reference but retain ambiguity in my painting.