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Cathryn Kuhfeld

I was always painting and drawing, and consequently jumped at the opportunity to join an evening life class when I was 15, tutored by Fred Cuming. He was fun and encouraging. (Back then I had no idea who he was). Itching to get going, I left school mid-term, having fallen out with the headmistress and persuaded my parents I should paint the landscape for six months, before attending the local art school at Canterbury.

I went on to a degree course at Bath Academy of Arts before finishing with a wonderful three year post-graduate course at the Royal Academy Schools. I had previously explored lots of print mediums but it was here that I first took up wood engraving under Sarah van Niekerk. Upon leaving the RA schools, I was awarded an Italian Government Scholarship which enabled me to work and study in Florence and started a lifelong love of Italy. Now I live and work in Kent and alot of my painting and printmaking is focused on the flora, fauna and wildlife on my doorstep.

I am a member of The Society of Wood Engravers and was delighted to be asked to become a member of Chelsea Arts Society.