Stewart Ganley



After graduating from art college in 1972 I signed up with the merchant navy and travelled to Australia and the far east. On returning to England I secured a job as a medical artist in the surgical unit of Charing Cross Hospital. An interesting job that allowed me to observe and draw operations which were reproduced for teaching purposes for lectures and publication.

After ten years I left and went travelling around India and Asia again recording a lot of my observations in the form of drawings and paintings. When I returned I got into education first as a technician and then teaching in adult education, which I have done for the last 30 years.

I have taught in Dulwich Picture Gallery and run painting workshops in France and ten years ago I went independent running classes in south London. I exhibit as much as I can either in hired galleries with other artists and submitting work to open exhibitions in and around London.

I have recently become a member of the Chelsea Arts Club. My work is predominately figurative although I have explored some abstract painting some years ago when I was down at the St Ives School of Art, in Cornwell.

As you can see from my website over the last nine years I have focussed on urban landscapes, but I also paint portraits and nudes mainly in oils.


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