Noemi Quinones


I studied drawing, painting and ceramics in my native country, Argentina. In 1980, I moved to London where I continued my studies in ceramics and fine art, at camden school of arts and crafts. In 1985 I held an exhibition at the ‘Open Eye Gallery’, Edinburgh, alongside an established painter and poet, John Kingsley Cook RA.

I moved to K&CH in 1990. At K&CH College I started joining classes on figurative & life drawing taught by Angie MC Key, along with sculpture in park walk studio’s where Stuart Williamson, senior master at Madame Tussaud’s, taught portraiture and life modelling clay.

Following this period I took several courses in framing, gilding, printing, mold making and continued with sculpture and life modelling figure and relief.

The Chelsea Art Society has exhibited my work since 1996 and in the year 2004 I received a prize for a nonmember for sculpture therefore becoming a member.

I have exhibited in serval galleries in London and run for children of a young age, courses in drawing, painting and clay modelling. I am currently working in sculpture, painting and poetry.


Green Head   Series of Children   Ganesha

Life-size Head   Plaster Plaque   Figurative Sculpture

Image   Bonito

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