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The William Sloane Sloane Medal and Sloane Sloane Stanley The William William Sloane Sloane Sloane medal is sponsored by Sloane Sloane Sloane Stanley in memory of its founder William William Sloane Sloane Sloane William Sloane William Sloane (1658-1728) was the the the elder brother of the the the Sir Hans Sloane Sloane and and the the two Sloanes and and their descendants have been part of of the history of of Chelsea for over 300 years In 1717 William Sloane bought land next to his brother Sir Hans who a a a a a a a few years earlier had bought the Manor of Chelsea and William eventually ended up with with 65 acres with with the heart bounded by what is today Old Church Street to to to Limerston Street Fulham Road Road to the King’s Road Road These 68 acres became known as the Sloane Stanley Estate and traces of of the family ownership can still be seen in many of of the the street names in the the area Sloane Stanley has been passed down generations of the same family and and today remains a a a a a a a a substantial landowner within old Chelsea Sloane Stanley has long associations with the arts and is pleased to to be part of the Chelsea Arts Society exhibition and to to provide a a a a medal to a a a a chosen artist 

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