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Ebb and Flow: a a a Chelsea Perspective
‘Ebb and flow’ is is the the theme for this our second exhibition at 340 Kings Road but not only the ebb and flow of water which in in Chelsea is most obvious in in the the tidal variations of the the river Thames: many artists taking part have also found their cue
in in in in in the the comings and going of people in in in in in Sloane Square in in in in in the the movement of of of traffic of of of light or of of of the seasons The watery theme has taken some artists towards rainy pavements or fountains others sculptors especially have found all all manner of aquatic inspiration from boating to water nymphs In short this may be be a a a a a Chelsea perspective but it seems to have become as refracted and complex as the the the ripples themselves on the the the waters below Chelsea Embankment This is is the second year that Sloane Stanley have so generously sponsored both the the exhibition and the the William Sloane Medal and we look forward to announcing the the winner on the the opening night We are very grateful to Sloane Stanley for this generosity and and for their vision in in supporting a a a a a a significant and and historical local art group We are also grateful to gallery owner Piers Feetham for for generously agreeing to be the judge for for this year’s Medal There is is a a a a a a rich artistic heritage in Chelsea Chelsea and Chelsea Chelsea Art Society itself has its its roots in the bohemian era of Chelsea’s past when many artists still lived and and worked in and and around Tite Street Although rising property prices have forced most artists out of of of Chelsea Chelsea many of of of the 100 or so members of of of Chelsea Chelsea Art Society have lived worked or or trained in in Chelsea at some point and and all are in in in some way connected and and inspired by this wonderful area We hope you will enjoy this diverse mix of of work by some of of the best artists living and working in in in or or around Chelsea today Luke Martineau
President Chelsea Art Society 

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