BANNER Exhibition Continues

The Chelsea Art Society Open Art Exhibition 2014

18 - 23 June 2014
The Society's annual Open Art Exhibition in Chelsea is firmly established in the early summer, in its home at Chelsea Old Town Hall, where it has been for more than ten years. Between 500 and 600 paintings and sculptures are shown - selected from more than twice that number, attracting not just established artists but younger ones producing more innovative work.

The majority may be professional artists but as 
an open exhibition, there are also works of above average quality by many non-professionals. The huge variety and the high standard of work is reflected in the number of buyers and its prominent position in the 
Kings Road attracts visitors from all over the world.

2014 Chelsea Art Society Catalogue

Paintings 2014
List of Painters 2014
Sculptures 2014
List of Sculptors 2014
Chelsea Art Society Awards 2014
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Award Winners 2014

The full schedule for the 2014 exhibition is:


June 16

Handing in

8.30am to 3pm


June 17

Cataloguing and Hanging



June 18

Private Opening

6pm - 8pm


June 19

Open to public

10am to 7pm


June 20

Open to public

10am to 7pm


June 21

Open to public

10am to 7pm


June 22

Open to public

10am to 5pm


June 23

Open to Public

Handing out

10am - 7pm

3pm to 7pm

Judging and hanging  starts on Monday the 16th; this finishes the next day, when the catalogue is also compiled; the catalogue is printed overnight ready for the opening on the 18th. On the night of Tuesday the 17th, you will be able find out if your work(s) have been accepted and if so which ones. You will need to go to this website


The Society's exhibition is one of the few open exhibtions in the world which opens, with a full catalogue, little more than two days after the works are handed in.


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